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Can Am Maverick X3 Carbon Fiber G2 Race Dash 

  • Easy to Mount / Full Replacement Center Dash
  • Fits 2019 + Only due to the Need to Mount Your Electronics and Reserviors
  • Newly added Top Hatch for Access to Electronics and Brake Reserviors

* 19+ Models unbolt and re-use oem electronics / brake reserviors housing removed from stock. Use heavy duty zip ties to cinch back into place.  For 17-18 Models, cut our this portion and zip tie back into place.  The 17-18 housing is not removeable so this must be cut out and re-used. 

*NOTE: Proximity Key must be relocated under the dash, due to interference with the carbon fiber material. It must be mounted to a plastic panel to perform properly. 

Comes as blank face, no holes or switches cut.  Customer must cut there own holes into unit.



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